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Aunt Mae Comes to Town, a new musical for the whole family

Aunt Mae Comes to Town

Fitz&Startz Productions, Theater for All Ages presents Aunt Mae Comes to Town, book & lyrics by Rachel Lampert, music by John Coyne at the Kitchen Theatre Company, 417 West MLK/State Street stage, on Saturday October 26 at 11am and 1pm and Saturday, November 2 at 11am and 1pm. Four performances only.  Tickets are available online at or, or by phone at 607 272-0570. Adults $12, children (under 14) $8.

Martha eagerly awaits the arrival of her great Aunt Mae.  Once a month, Aunt Mae makes the trip to Ithaca with a bag full of surprises and a photo album with a lifetime of photographs and “a story to go with every one of them!”  Stories come to life and Aunt Mae and Martha get swept into all of them.  Fitz&Startz Production veterans (A Case for the Classics, Emmett & Ella:The Puppy Plot) Natasha Bratkovski, Benno Ressa, Mike Cyr and guest Eric Brooks* are quick-change artists playing numerous roles as they bring Aunt Mae’s stories to life.   Making her Fitz&Startz Productions debut is DeWitt Middle School student Mwape Sokoni (Martha) and writer/actor Rachel Lampert* is on-stage as Aunt Mae. Lesley Lisa Greene directs; Travis Knapp music directs; Daisy Rudin assistant directs; Hannah Kochman designs the costumes; and Tasha Sinclair is the stage manager.  

Time and Place
October 26, 2019, 11:00 am
Kitchen Theatre, 417 west State Street, Ithaca NY