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Center for Jewish Living

Center for Jewish Living

The Orthodox Synagogue at Cornell University aims to provide year-round, traditional services for the Jewish community of Cornell and Ithaca.  These include the morning, afternoon, and evening services during the week and the special services for Sabbath and the holidays. Mainly, students and members of the Ithaca Jewish community run the synagogue. 

Cornell Center for Jewish Living

For times and directions, please visit the web site or contact the rabbi at 847-347-7082.

The Jewish Learning Center (Beit Midrash) on 104 West holds frequent classes from elementary to advanced levels, and helps arrange study partners for continued Jewish learn- ing. For times and information please contact the rabbi.

104 West of Cornell University (formerly the Kosher Dining hall; (607) 272-6907 provides kosher meals, challah, and other baked goods prepared under the supervision of the Orthodox Union when Cornell is in session. Catering is available both off-site and on-site in the beautiful dining hall.

106 West Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850